Katelyn is an Emmy nominated documentarian, award wining writer, and soon to be debut author living in Los Angeles.

Do you follow where she goes?

Who Am I?

Katelyn is an author, writer, and filmmaker who lives with her husband, two cats (Kara Thrace and Caprica 6), Samoyed puppy (Boo Radley), and two year old toddler (Harper). When she's not at her computer writing, or traveling around filming documentaries, Katelyn can be found woodworking -- making furniture for her family and friends. 


The daughter of a journalist and a playwright, stories have always been a part of life for Katelyn. An Atlanta native and NYU alum, she co-founded the documentary production company 1/27 Pictures with filmmaking partner Melissa Johnson. Katelyn's projects have been recgonized by BAFTA, the DGA, the WGA, Sundance and more.


Her debut novel, The Awoken, was selected as the winner of Issa Rae's Fresh Wave program. The novel will be published by Dutton/Penguin Random House in July 2022. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on this!


Katelyn strives to tell stories that fight injustices, combat uninformed bias, and upend the status quote. She is represented by Heroes and Villains Entertainment, and UTA.


A cinematic, speculative debut about a woman who undergoes cryogenic preservation at the time of her death and wakes up a century later in a world where her very life is a crime.

When Alabine Rivers, a politically active young woman with a bright career and romance ahead of her, finds out the devastating news that she has terminal cancer, the only thing that gives her solace is the possibility of a second life through the emerging field of cryogenics. 
A century later, scientists have indeed discovered how to bring back the dead from preservation, but humanity has been locked in a philosophical battle over the ethics of this new Godlike power, a battle that has turned violent: those who are resurrected, the Awoken, have been declared illegal and are to be shot on sight. 
This is the world Alabine is brought into by the Resurrectionists, an underground militia fighting for the rights of the Awoken. Finding herself in a completely unfamiliar world, and one where she is an outsider for the first time in her life, Alabine must figure out how to survive and determine her place in this new world, all the while being haunted by lucid memories of her previous life and the man she loved. 
The Awoken is a gripping, action-packed story full of plot twists and high emotion. It's a look at prejudice, complicity, the fears that tear us apart, and the hope that can bring us together.


Published by Dutton/Penguin Random House. Coming July 26 2022!